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Laser Hair Removal Southampton

Unwanted hair in certain areas can be annoyingly inconvenient. Persisting hair growth, unruly dark hairs and ingrown hair from shaving can make us feel less comfortable and confident.

More of us are moving towards aesthetics technologies to help eliminate areas of unwanted hair. With that comes the phase of hair removal treatments. 


Laser removal treatments precisely target the dark and coarse hair follicles whilst leaving the skin undamaged.

The definitive difference is between your skin pigmentation and the hair itself will determine how precisely the laser will target the follicle and destroy it, as the laser targets pigment rather than the ‘colour of the hair’. Hence why it may seem slightly more effective on darker hair.


It can take between 6 – 8 treatments for permanent, hairless results.


At RUMA we use the Soprano Ice Laser. This is the most advanced piece of technology specifically made for laser hair removal. It makes the procedure virtually painless, thanks to the cool laser tips which soothes the heat on the skin as the laser zaps away the hair follicles.

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