PDO Thread Lifts


"I had my threads done with Emily around 10 months ago and still love the results! Emily was ultra professional and advised me in pre procedure treatments that would help me achieve the best results from my thread lift. Emily was completely reassuring throughout the procedure itself. She explained everything she was doing and I felt confident I was in good hands. I love the results of my threads so much, I cried when Emily showed me the immediate results. I was very conscious of this area of my face and this treatment has given me so much confidence. I would recommend this to anyone! "

facial PDO thread lift treatment Southampton

Facial Thread Lifts

​Here at Ruma, the award winning Dr. Emily Stanworth is offering V-Soft Lift® carried out within a CQC registered clinic (adjacent to Ruma). To learn more, please call us and book a consultation.

Thread lifts, also known as “non-surgical face lifts”, are a safe, simple and effective alternative to conventional surgery. This non-surgical treatment avoids cuts, scars and general anaesthetic while still providing beautiful results.

Facial thread lifting has been practised for many years to help soften wrinkles, raise drooping jowls and cheeks, tighten sagging eyebrows, and smooth the skin.

The V-Soft lift uses the same principle of the threading technique but has been modified with a cannula in the placement of the threads, which is much safer than the traditional method of using a needle.

The threads are made from PDO; polydioxanone, a suture material that is absorbable and has been used in surgery for over 30 years. Under local anaesthetic, a small entry point is made with a needle, then the threads are inserted under the skin using a cannula. Once the threads are in the correct position, they can be gently tightened to lift the skin and tissue where needed. The whole procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

Although the PDO threads disappear after a year, they stimulate the body’s natural healing response and lead to a direct increase of collagen to the treated areas, helping to improve the firmness of the skin and give a tighter, more youthful face and jawline.

Rejuvenation and Lifting Threads


Here at Ruma the award winning Dr. Emily Stanworth is offering Fox Eye V Soft Lift® carried out within a CQC registered clinic (adjacent to Ruma). To learn more please call us and book a consultation.

Interested in Thread Lifts?... Unsure if you are suitable for treatment?

PDO thread lifts are unfortunately not appropriate for everyone. The ideal candidate must have good quality skin which is not too thin or too thick. It works best for those wanting a natural lift around the mid-face, jawline, brows, marrionette lines and nasolabial folds. dermal filler treatments may still be necessary achieved your desired look following facial thread lifts.

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