Dermalux Treatment

Dermalux facial in Southampton


Dermalux is a non-invasive treatment that uses the most clinically proven wavelengths to energise cells and trigger the skins natural rejuvenating and healing processes to treat a wide range of conditions.


dermalux treatment Southampton


Dermalux Facial

Enjoy all the relaxation of a Ruma facial combined with the benefits of Dermalux LED. After your skin is cleansed and prepared enjoy the benefits of the Dermalux to treat your specific skin concern, Whether it’s lines and wrinkles, rejuvenation or blemish/oil control. After the treatment, your therapist will finish with a serum, eye treatment and moisturiser perfectly suited to your skin. 

the benefit of Dermalux facials for your skin


Dermalux luxury Facial

Enjoy the luxury of a Murad prescription facial with the addition of Dermalux LED phototherapy. This allows a multi-pronged and effective approach to your skincare concerns. Your therapist will carefully analyse your skin and tailor products to suit. Enjoy a double cleanse, AHA peel, facial massage, mask, and then an ultra-relaxing 20-minute under the Dermalux to treat your skin concerns. The dermalux system can treat lines and wrinkles, oil and blemish conditions, redness and irritation as well as offer renewal and rejuvenation. Whilst the dermalux is working its magic your therapist will perform a soothing and arm massage. Your facial will conclude with a serum, eye treatment, and custom moisturiser!

dermalux treatment for your skin


Dermalux Courses

Dermalux Courses of 3 RRP £135 – SAVE £10 –  £125

Dermalux Courses of 6 RRP £270 – SAVE £20 – £250

Dermalux Course of 12 RRP £540 – SAVE £30 – £510 

dermalux light therapy for muscle relief


Dermalux Massage Ad on

Want to upgrade your massage? Add the Dermalux LED phototherapy to your Deep Tissue, Swedish or Aromatherapy massage to help alleviate muscular and skeletal and pains.

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