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"The Ruma team are a joy, they lift my soul every time I walk through the door. I really appreciate the appointment reminders. Murad Facials have become an essential part of my life and wouldn’t be without Murad products. Thank you Ladies"

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Ruma Facial Treatments

At Ruma you can revitalise your skin, relax your mind and discover a dramatic improvement in your appearance whilst restoring your skin to its healthy glow.

Dr Murad’s clinically proven facials are tailor-made to suit your individual needs by combining the most advanced ingredients with the latest skincare technology for instantly youthful, radiant, flawless skin. Feel revitalised with the best facial Southampton has to offer.

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Murad Method facials are a new and entirely personalised concept in high-performance professional skincare from an internationally renowned skincare brand Murad.

The ground-breaking, dermatologist-developed combinations and techniques, are designed to make skin as healthy as it can be, giving noticeable results and leaving the skin looking beautiful.

The facials are inspired by Dr Howard Murad’s Inclusive Health philosophy, an innovative approach which helps you to look better through high-performance skincare, live better through diet, supplements and exercise and feel better by managing stress and cultivating happiness.

Traditional facials are developed to address a single skin concern, such as lack of firmness, anti-aging or blemished skin. The Murad facial however involves your therapist spending time to analyse your specific skin type before designing a personalised facial to address multiple skin concerns. The facial also includes touchpoint massage techniques to help relieve stress for ultimate relaxation and mindfulness. Skin will be left noticeably healthier and more beautiful.

Murad Method Facial
£80 per treatment
dermatology facial treatments Southampton

Murad 'You Glow' facial southampton

Murad 'You Glow' Facial

Dr. Howard Murad is a world-renowned dermatologist, a visionary who modernised skin science by pioneering the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) in topical skincare. He understood their power to repair dry, ageing and sun damaged skin through exfoliation.

These facials are tailored to individuals and their specific skin concerns to deliver results. Comprehensive, customized and cutting-edge facials. Your skin concerns will guide the therapist to select the best products to suit your skin needs.

'You Glow' Facial Express
£48 Per Treatment
'You Glow' Facial
£65 Per Treatment
Murad skincare - dermatology facials in Southampton

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Murad Clarifying Back treatment

The perfect treatment for those suffering from back breakout or before a holiday or special occasion. Using Dr. Murad dermatologist developed  clarifying range to deep clean and purify the skin, combined with the healing anti inflammatory benefits of Dermalux light therapy. 

A fantastic stand alone treatment or for maximum results a course is recommended.

Murad Clarifying Back Treatment
Single treatment £65 *Course of 3 (RRP £195) Price including discount £175 *Course of 6 (RRP £390) with discount £345

Ultrasonic Booster southampton

Dermalux facial ad on

Want to upgrade your facial? add on the Dermalux LED phototherapy to enhance your treatment. Dermalux can be added to any of our facials to treat lines and wrinkles, blemishes and oil, redness and irritation as well as to renew and rejuvenate.

20 min facial ad on

Ultrasonic Booster southampton

The Ultrasonic Booster

The Ultrasonic Booster can be added to any of our facial treatments to power up your facial.
£10 extra add on to facials

Over time the skin’s natural ability to renew itself slows down, which means that dead skin cells don’t shed as quickly as they used to and instead sit on the skin’s surface. This makes the skin and complexion appear dull and lacking a youthful glow.

For healthy skin, the trick is therefore to combine exfoliation with a deep clean. However, cleansing with the hands alone is often not quite enough to provide an effective enough deep clean.
So if you suffer from congested skin problems, one way to achieve a really deep cleanse is by having a professional facial electrical treatment using a method called ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic exfoliation works by creating high speed oscillations leaving skin smooth, fresh & perfectly prepared for product application

Ultrasonic can be used in different ways to treat the skin:
* Deep clean.
* Exfoliate.
* Deep feed.

Better still, it’s suitable for most people and for all skin types. Even the most sensitive of skins can use ultrasonic.

So if you suffer from:
* Blocked pores (congestion).
* Oily skin.
* Enlarged pores.
* Dull and lack lustre skin.
* Fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultrasonic is perfect for you, as not only does it provide a deep clean, but it also helps to buff off the dead skin cells to improve skin texture, skin health and hydration. It adds an exciting twist to your facial, jazzing up the usual routine and achieving great results.



Our Mum On The Glow Pregnancy Facial is one of our most recommended beauty treatments. Sometimes we can underestimate just how wonderfully relaxing a facial can be. Whilst improving your skin concerns and helping you to achieve your desired goals, it can also help to relieve tension held in the face and head area. This will help melt away tension and stress so you also get to relax and let go.

Express £48 Per Treatment
£60 Per Treatment
murad facial treatments - dermatologist approved skincare
murad skincare treatments Southampton

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