Fake tan and laser hair removal


Laser hair removal boasts a number of benefits, from permanently reducing unwanted hairs to the comfort and affordability of treatments as technology advances. However , there are some potential “disadvantages” you’ll need to consider when booking a treatment at a laser hair removal clinic.

The biggest factor that may be considered a potential disadvantage is the inability to wear fake tan or catch a real tan during your sessions. While this isn’t a big deal for everyone, it can be a problem for some – but don’t worry, there are a few ways you can maintain a golden glow, while following all safety precautions set by a laser hair removal clinic!

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal clinics work by using advanced laser technology to safely target and destroy the unwanted hair at the root follicle. We use the Soprano ICE laser at RUMA, combining both heat and cooling technology for accurate and reliable treatment, while keeping the skin cool, comfortable and safe from burning. 

Thanks to advancements in aesthetic treatments and technology, laser hair removal is an inclusive treatment that is safe for people of all hair and skin colours, as well as genders to enjoy. With long-lasting results from the very first course of treatments!

Why can’t you wear fake tan during laser hair removal?

As with all aesthetic treatments – invasive or not, there are safety procedures that must be adhered to so that your laser hair removal clinic can ensure the best results are achieved with no complications. 

Which is why fake tanning is not recommended in the build up or during your treatment; the chemicals in false tanning products and gradual tanners can cause increased sensitivity and reactivity from the skin when heat is applied. This can compromise the safety and accuracy of your treatment.

Can you wear fake tan between treatments?

Yes, you can use fake tan between visits to a laser hair removal clinic! But it’s essential that you remove the productly completely in preparation for every session until your course is complete. 

To ensure your skin is free from any tanning agent we recommend you stop applying the product 7-10 days before your visit to the laser hair removal clinic. Unfortunately, if fake tan is on the treated area you may have to postpone your session. 

How to removal fake tan before laser hair removal

There are a few easy ways to remove fake or gradual tan in preparation for your laser hair removal treatments, these options include:

  • Purchasing safe tan removers
  • Using exfoliators or tan eraser mitts
  • Soak the skin before exfoliation
  • Take extra care on dry areas of the body (shins, knees, elbows are common)
  • After exfoliating to remove fake tan be sure to moisturise the skin to avoid dryness

How long should you wait to apply fake tan after laser hair removal?

It is recommended that you wait 1-2 weeks before applying fake tan to your skin after laser hair removal. It’s important to be cautious to avoid irritation to the skin after treatments, however, for more information speak with our clinicians and we will be happy to advise!

laser hair removal clinic - why you can't do fake tan before laser hair removal

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