Aesthetic Treatments Southampton

Visit our medispa for expert aesthetic treatments in Southampton. Our clinical team specialise in leading treatments from wrinkle relaxing, to thread lifts and dermal fillers. Tailored to your personal aesthetic goals, giving you beautiful results and a glow like no other.

medispa southampton

Ruma aesthetics

When you step inside our luxurious medispa, you are met with a peaceful, professional environment, where our expert aesthetic practitioners offer a variety of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. During a free of charge consultation, a custom treatment plan is made for you, which may include anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and signature facials. Amplify your look with luscious lips, smoothed lines and glowing skin at our salon and medispa in Southampton.

wrinkle relaxing Treatments

wrinkle relaxing treatments and Dermal Fillers

With non-invasive and non-surgical treatments becoming increasingly popular over recent years, our award winning cosmetic clinicians are dedicated to helping you revitalise your skin. With expert aesthetic treatments tailored to your personal goals, our wrinkle relaxing and dermal fillers are the perfect treatments to boost your inner radiance and give you perfect results every time.



Here at Ruma the award winning Dr. Emily Stanworth is offering V Soft Lift® carried out within a CQC registered clinic (adjacent to Ruma). To learn more please call us and book a consultation.

Anti-Wrinkle treatments

wrinkle relaxing

At RUMA our team of aesthetic medical professionals and therapists offer a comprehensive range of wrinkle relaxing treatments to help combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

dermal fillers Southampton

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body. It is present between skin cells and provides moisture, firmness and plumpness to the skin as it absorbs water.

dermapen southampton

Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen uses an ultra fine micro-needle pen to treat the face, neck and body. This promotes natural collagen reproduction which is very similar to fractional laser treatments and chemical peels. 

lip fillers southampton


Silky, smooth, and reversible lip fillers are specifically designed to enhance the natural lip. Our methods are one of the safest and wonderful ways to bring out the beauty of your natural lips.



Do you want a tighter jawline? Have you gone as far as you can with HA Dermal Fillers? Look no further PDO Threads V Soft Lift® are here for you. V Soft Lift® is a high-end product on the PDO-thread market, offering multiple advantages.




Here at Ruma the award winning Dr. Emily Stanworth is offering Fox Eye V Soft Lift® carried out within a CQC registered clinic (adjacent to Ruma). To learn more please call us and book a consultation.

Skincare Specialists Southampton

Lunch time facial lifts

Treat your skin to the ultimate health and beauty boost, with one of our signature facials, to improve radiance, youth, and relaxation. 

facials southampton

ruma signature facials

Dr Murad’s clinically proven facials are tailor-made to suit your individual needs by combining the most advanced ingredients with the latest skincare technology for instantly youthful, radiant, flawless skin.

regenerative medicine
Facial rejuvenation

This revolutionary technology nourishes the skin from within and restores the firmness of the face, neck and hands.

regenerative medicine
PRGF Facials

Thanks to advances in regenerative medicine, it is now possible to use your own body to repair and rejuvenate your skin naturally.

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