Laser Hair Removal: Will I Need Post Laser Hair Removal Care?


Laser hair removal is a great hair removal treatment, however there are certain aftercare processes that should be followed to make the most of your laser hair removal. Read on to find out what post laser hair removal care you should be following. 

What to do after laser hair removal?

After having your laser hair removal, there are certain things you may start to see which may seem unusual at first, we’re here to go through what to expect once you’ve your first laser session and what post laser hair removal care is necessary. 

  • Redness and Bumps – These are common and it may even feel as though you are sunburnt for a few hours. The best way to treat this is with a cold compress on the affected areas. 
  • Dead hairs shedding – Dead hairs which will look like stubble will begin to shed 5-30 days after your treatment.
  • Avoid the sun- You should try to avoid direct sunlight, use sunscreen (spf 50) at all times throughout your treatment.
  • Varied hair growth- Everyone will experience a varied level of hair growth,  on average most people will experience being completely hair free after 6-9 sessions. 

If you’d like a more detailed breakdown, visit our ‘what to do the first few days after laser hair removal’ blog. 

Can you shower or shave after laser hair removal?

As part of your post laser hair removal care you are able to have a shower, but we do recommend:

  • Waiting 6-8 hrs after your laser to have a shower. 
  • Avoiding hot water and showering in cool water especially for the first 48hrs.
  • Skin should also be patted dry instead of rubbed during the first 48hrs. 

With regards to other products, we recommend keeping the treatment area clean and dry which means not using any moisturiser, makeup (if you have had laser on your face) or deodorant (if you’ve had laser on your underarms) for the first 24 hrs. This is because we want to reduce any irritation or redness as much as possible. 

Shaving post laser hair removal is not a complete no, we understand you may want to remove any visible hair! We advise waiting for the skin to heal before shaving to avoid any irritation it could cause, this could take between 7-14 days, your therapist can advise you of this when you have your sessions. 

What other post laser hair removal care tips should you know?

Good post laser hair removal care is vital to gain the best results from your laser, other aftercare steps you can take to ensure an effective treatment are:

  •  Exfoliating – Exfoliation helps to keep the dead skin away and ensure ingrown hairs are reduced. Exfoliation should be done once any redness and bumps have subsided.
  • Avoid heat treatments – Hot treatments such as steaming, any spa treatments and saunas should be avoided 7-14 days after your laser hair removal session.
  • Avoid hair removal treatments – Any hair removal treatments other than shaving eg. waxing, threading, tweezing should be avoided during the whole duration of your laser treatment. Read our blog about pulling loose hairs here.

In order to avoid any adverse side effects or ineffective laser hair treatment, these aftercare tips should be followed as well as any other post laser hair removal care plans advised by your therapist. 

Is laser hair removal worth it?

Here at Ruma Medispa, we use the Soprano Laser technology which uses the method where heat targets the hair follicles, heating to a set temperature, and preventing hair growth. The technology uses groundbreaking 3D technology, combining three separate applicators for each of these wavelengths, allowing the therapist to choose the applicator which is more suited to your skin. Therefore reducing the chances of any adverse side effects. 

Following the post laser hair removal care tips along with using the Soprano laser technology will give you the best possible chances of successful laser hair removal.
If you’d like more information about aftercare tips or are interested in starting your journey with laser hair removal, have a look at our treatments here or contact our team.

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