Why Winter is the Best Time to Start Your Laser Hair Removal Course


Deciding when to get laser hair removal can be tricky – between holidays, weekends away, birthdays and all the other plans you may have, you want to make sure that the results of your laser hair removal are at their optimal point for your most important events!

Typically, when most people think of when to get laser hair removal, the best choice is during the winter. Laser treatment requires multiple sessions before long-term results are seen, and are sold as a course of treatments rather than singular sessions. – This is not true you can get single but you’d just need multiple )Starting in the winter means you’ll have smooth skin, free from unwanted hairs by the spring and summer time, just in time for t-shirt weather and any holidays you may have booked!

However, there are a number of other reasons winter time is the best time to get laser hair removal! Before booking your course of laser treatments, discover exactly when to get laser hair removal and find out the benefits of organising your laser sessions during the colder months…

When to get laser hair removal

Before deciding when to get laser hair removal, it’s always best to discuss with your practitioner – particularly if this is your first time. They can help to determine the most appropriate time for you to undergo your sessions, discuss your current health condition and any potential medications you may be on. (remove this)

Why laser hair removal in the winter is best

Low UV Factor

The reason winter is often considered one of the best times for laser hair removal is because treatment should be administered when your skin has had the least exposure to UV rays and sunlight. During the colder months, UV factor is low, meaning your skin is less likely to react or burn during your laser sessions. But remember, always wear an SPF on your treated areas no matter what time of year you get laser hair removal! (non of this makes sense, remove this)

Perfect Timing

When considering when to get laser hair removal, you have to factor in the time frames between appointments and your final results. By getting laser hair removal in the winter, your course of treatments would be complete in perfect timing for the spring and summer. 

Starting treatment during the summer months may prolong the process. Tanned or sunburnt skin cannot be treated as your skin is more susceptible to burns after long exposure to strong UV rays. During the winter, treatments can be quicker, however there are a number of other factors that may make these times fluctuate (including where on the body you’re getting laser hair removal, hormones, medication and genetics). (A lot of this is not true its not quicker in the winter, remove to)

Protecting Your Skin

As you know, exposure to UV rays and sun tanned skin can be a huge risk for those choosing when to get laser hair removal. But why is that exactly? Well, because your skin is more sensitive and susceptible to burning after exposure the ultra violet rays! 

You should be covering the treated area and wearing SPF at all times during your course of laser hair removal; and keeping your skin covered during the summer is much harder than in the winter. 

We use the –

(The Soprano Titanium is the newest machine and we are the only salon around this area with it, any other salons have it in London)

Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine, which incorporates the latest cooling technology to avoid burns and is suitable to use on all skin tones. Meaning you can still get laser hair removal with Ruma during the hotter months, but it is still recommended that you start your treatment during the autumn and winter if possible!

For more information on when to get laser hair removal, and if this treatment is right for your goals and lifestyle needs, book a consultation with our expert team! We can help advise you on when to get laser hair removal treatments, how many sessions you’ll need, and provide an estimated time frame on when you’ll see the best results! Meaning you can plan your treatments around your life plans and calendar events.

when to get laser hair removal

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