Top Treatments to Get Ready For the Summer


Get ready for your summer plans with specialist beauty treatments and skincare that leaves you glowing and revitalised.

Whether you’re planning a day trip, a staycation or are thinking of traveling further afield, there’s a salon service for you. From laser hair removal and dermal fillers, to beauty treatments like threads, anti-wrinkle treatments and facials.

Find out which salon service is the right choice for you this summer…  

Laser Hair Removal

Tried and tested, laser hair removal has proven time and time again that it’s one of the perfect beauty treatments; not just in the summer, but all year round.

Say goodbye to shaving and keep your arms, legs, underarms, chest, and bikini area smooth and free from unwanted hairs. Laser hair removal is virtually pain free, and with consistency you are guaranteed long-lasting results and permanent hair removal.

Discover the benefits of laser hair removal services. For the best results we recommend multiple sessions; contact our beauty salon in Southampton to book your course of laser hair removal treatments and ensure your skin is smooth and supple in time for the summer!

Medispa Services

Do you want to rejuvenate your skin and start the summer with a fresh, wrinkle-free complexion? Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments offer immediate results, leaving your skin plump and youthful.

Non-invasive treatments have become increasingly popular due to their natural results and minimal downtime. Wrinkle-relaxing treatments and dermal fillers are ideal for those wanting to combat the signs of ageing, perfect their pout, or make small tweaks to their facial features.

Our expert aesthetic practitioners safely create the perfect look bespoke to you and your features. Find out more about dermal fillers in Southampton.

For something more relaxing, why not treat yourself to specialist skincare treatments? We offer a range of facials that are designed to refresh your skin and leave looking instantly radiant with a youthful, flawless complexion.

Contact our experts at Ruma Salon to book your medispa treatments and find out more about how our anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and facials can benefit you this summer.

Treat Yourself to a New Look This Summer

Start the summer with a fresh new look from our expert hairdressers and aesthetic practitioners here at Ruma Medispa. Discover our full range of beauty treatments and contact us book your next appointment today!

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