What Are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?


Persistent hair growth, unruly dark hairs and ingrown hairs can make you less confident and uncomfortable. The constant demand for shaving and waxing is non-stop, and although short-term these methods are much easier and cheaper to do, in the long run, they’re time-consuming and almost feel pointless.

Combining the unique laser and cooling technologies, removing unwanted hair is far less painful, faster and safer than any other laser system, it also has a quick recovery time.

The Soprano ICE is the only laser hair removal system that is clinically proven to be virtually painless. It’s an award-winning treatment, having been named the Best Hair Removal Product by the Aesthetic Industry Awards in 2015.

What are the benefits of having laser hair removal treatments?


Laser hair treatments precisely target the dark and coarse hair follicles whilst leaving the skin undamaged.

No ingrown hairs:

Some wonderful perks of having this treatment done are no ingrown hairs, bumps or shaving rashes!

Furthermore, the hair regrowth slows down a lot more, so the more you get it done the more permanent the hair loss is and the less frequently you’ll need the treatment done!


It can take between 3 – 8 treatments for permanent, hairless results. This means you don’t need to keep buying razors and including shaving into your daily routine.


Once you begin your journey with laser hair removal, you won’t need to worry about paying out for constant treatments like waxing, creams, and razors.

Our laser hair removal in Southampton is the best choice of treatment for males or females who want a permanent solution to unwanted hair.

At Ruma Southampton, we offer the latest, world-leading, innovation in laser hair removal technology: The Soprano ICE Laser.

To find out more about our laser hair removal treatments and the Soprano ICE Laser, give us a call on 02380 402 702 or drop us a message to info@rumasalons.com, we’ll be happy to explain more and answer any questions you may have!

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Laser Hair Removal Benefits

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