Using Soprano Ice for Laser Hair Removal Treatments:


At Ruma we use the award-winning Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal system.  To this date it is the most effective laser hair removal treatment available!

What makes Soprano Ice completely unique is its multiple laser wavelength and technologies. Because of its power and technicality, it allows us to treat a wide range of patients and hair types all year round.

It’s advances method of cooling the skin area while using the laser is clinically proven to be virtually painless. As it’s unique heating delivery and energy damaged the hair follicles with next to no pain and prevents any risk of injury.

Using Soprano ICE is absolutely the safest method of laser hair removal for all skin types.

Soprano ICE can be used on all different types of skin. While melanin in darker skin tones is exceptionally more sensitive to heat during laser treatments, this technology had been clinically proven to be very safe on darker skin too! The SHR Method from the equipment gradually heats the skin until the required heat energy is delivered to the hair follicle.

For the best results depending on the patient’s skin and hair types, the Soprano ICE treatments needs at least 6 – 8 sessions for permanent hair removal.

You should always schedule in a consultation to determine whether laser hair removal is an appropriate treatment. You should also be aware of your medical history especially if it includes skin disorders, scarring or a past history of hair removal procedures.

During the treatment you will wear special goggles to protect the eyes from the laser, and the instrument will be placed onto your skin.

Find out more about our laser hair removal treatments by visiting our page, and for more information on the Soprano ICE Laser, please visit their official website.

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