Laser Hair Removal: Is It Worth It?


Laser hair removal is the ideal long-term solution for those wanting to permanently get rid of unwanted body hair. Laser technology uses light pulses to safely target and destroy the hair follicle in the treated area; this permanently reduces hair growth and leaves your skin silky smooth.

Are there risks to Laser Hair Removal?

One of our most frequently asked questions about laser hair removal is if there are any risks or side effects from the treatment.

Fortunately, thanks to the advanced technology of our Soprano ICE Laser device, there are no major risks associated with hair removal at Ruma Medispa!

If you are nervous or daunted by the idea, look at another one of our blogs which answers a common FAQ, ‘Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?‘.

Dark Skin

In the past, laser hair removal was not available to those with darker skin tones as the technology targeted melanin rather than hair follicles. This would cause burning and scarring as subpar laser technology could not differentiate the difference between hair pigments and melanin. However, at RUMA we’re proud to use the best technology in the industry so we can ensure that treatment is accessible to everyone!

This is an inclusive treatment that can be enjoyed by people of all skin tones and hair colours. Learn more about laser hair removal for darker skin tones.

Light Hair

As with darker skin, in the past those with light hair could not enjoy laser treatment. Fair hair colours have very little pigment, and as older technology target melanin pigments it could not target and destroy the hairs, once again leaving clients exposed to the risk of burns or scarring.

At RUMA our Soprano ICE laser can successfully target hair follicles of all shades, ensuring that everyone, no matter how light or dark their hair or skin may be, can achieve incredible results with laser hair removal.

We recommend a full consultation with our expert laser technicians before treatment. Find out more about laser treatment for fair hair.


If you have tattoos it is essential that you speak to our fully qualified aesthetic practitioners about the area you want treated before investing in laser hair removal. The lasers target pigment within the hair follicle, which may pose the risk of targeting the darker pigments within your tattoos.

Our laser hair removal practitioners can safely cover your tattoos to ensure to not damage them during treatment. If you plan on having a new tattoo in the treated area we recommend waiting at least 3 months after treatment to have your new work done.

Learn more about laser hair removal on tattooed skin.

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Visit the official Soprano ICE Laser website for more information on our advanced laser technology.

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