Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?


Some of us are daunted by the idea that laser hair removal hurts.

At Ruma, we use the Soprano Ice Laser. This is the most advanced piece of technology specifically made for laser hair removal treatments. It makes the procedure virtually painless, thanks to the cool laser tips which soothes the heat on the skin as the laser zaps away the hair follicles.

Compared to waxing and threading, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that laser hair removal does not hurt as much.
We recommend taking painkillers before appointments for those who feel uneasy or unsure of whether it will hurt.

For those who haven’t had laser hair removal before, here is a guide on what areas may experience sensitivity. 

Area: Underarms
Underarms are often considered one of the most sensitive areas for laser treatment. However, the results have been magnificent for those who needed it, that they’ve always returned to finish all of their sessions.

Area: Bikini Line
A lot of clients have said it’s easier to tolerate compared to waxing, but it does take a bit longer. As a general consensus, the smaller the area the more intense the heat can be; but those who have had this area done have lived to tell the tale. Again, please don’t worry… our Soprano Ice Laser will cool down those areas which may be more sensitive to the heat.

Area: Face
The thickness of your skin can vary on your face. The upper lip of your face is where your skin is at its thinnest; so this is where most sensitivity is often found on the face. However, the “pain” itself is actually quite minuscule, so the rest of the face is pretty breezy.

Area: Legs
The legs are a relatively pain-free area when it comes to laser hair removal. Every now and then there’s a slight twinge of heat or hot zap, but otherwise, it’s quite tolerable on the skin.

Area: Back
This all depends on how much back hair you have and how much you want removed. The back is the largest surface so if there’s a lot of hair then it may get a little hot in some areas.

Area: Stomach
Funnily enough, most women say this is the one area of your body where the heat or “zaps” will actually “tickle” you. As it’s on the thick bit of skin, you’ll feel minimal pain here.

At Ruma you are in professional and safe hands; you can rely on us for smooth skin and beautiful results that last.

We always put our client’s well-being first during any treatment; and our Soprano Ice Laser makes the whole experience extremely tolerable. For more information on our laser hair removal in Southampton, please visit our services page or discover our full range of beauty treatments

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