Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Fair Hair?


If you have fair hair, you may believe that laser hair removal treatment for fair hair is not an option for removing unwanted body hair. As the lighter hair made it more difficult for the laser to work effectively. However, with recent developments in technology, it is becoming more effective to target lighter fair hair.

In the past, laser hair removal services would work by targeting the pigmentation in the hair’s follicle. So, the darker the hair, the easier it was for the laser to remove. People with blonde hair were previously told that fair hair doesn’t have enough pigmentation for the laser to target.

But, with developments in technology, it’s becoming a reality for permanent hair reduction for fair hair! As now, there are specially developed lasers that can effectively remove unwanted fair hair for men and women.

We use the Soprano ICE laser. It specialises in successfully treating finer and lighter hairs on all skin types and skin tones. It is also one of the best lasers available on the market for laser hair removal.

The Soprano ICE laser works by targeting high amounts of energy to send heat into the dermis of the skin. By slowing down the length of the heating process, it is more effective at removing fair hair and preventing regrowth.

The Soprano ICE laser uses a high repetition of short pulses to gradually build up heat. The laser’s ICE tip allows for virtually no pain as it cools the skin’s surface while treating. Helping to prevent superficial burns, allowing for comfortable and effective hair removal even on fair hairs.

It is recommended that an initial consultation is completed in order to plan out your treatments. From here we can assess how successful the laser can be at removing for fair, grey or white hairs.

Successful treatment is dependent on the individual. It can be influenced by the colour and thickness of the hair, and colour of the skin. Also, the type and quality of laser, and the level of certification the person operating the laser has.

We’d like to note that not all lasers are up to date to offer this service on fair hairs. If you’re looking for suitable laser hair removal. Conduct your research first to understand whether they can offer you safe and effective treatment for your needs.

So, laser hair removal for fair hair is possible! Check out our laser hair removal treatment page to find out more, or schedule in a consultation to learn more! For laser hair removal in Southampton, contact us today.

Interested in learning about how our Soprano laser can reduce your hair growth? Visit their page.

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