Laser Hair Removal and Tattoos


Can I Get Laser Hair Removal With a Tattoo?

Laser hair removal is performed by targeting the melanin/pigment in the skin using the light laser to successfully damage the hair follicle, thus preventing it from growing back.

As the light automatically draws itself to the darker colour, unfortunately the technology can’t tell the difference between the tattoo or the follicles.

The Effect Laser Hair Has on Tattoos:

As stated above, the laser would have trouble differentiating the pigment vs the tattoo ink. Therefore, it may not be able to effectively get rid of the unwanted hair on the tattoo even if you wanted it to.

Having a laser target this pigmentation can cause unnecessary scarring on the skin, unwanted ink removal, and skin irritation.

What can be done?

If you visit a professional laser hair removal clinic in Southampton like RUMA Medispa, then our expert and qualified laser hair technicians can appropriately cover up any tattoos before performing hair removal on your skin.

If you’re wanting to get a future tattoo in an area where you also want laser hair removal to be performed, then we highly recommend you get the tattoo done at least a few months after you’ve completed your laser hair removal treatments.

Further to this, laser hair removal requires between 6 – 12 treatments for it to be successful in stopping hair growth. DO NOT get a tattoo in between courses and wait until you have completed your FULL course.

At Ruma we use the award-winning Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal system.  To this date, it is the most effective laser hair removal treatment available.

Using Soprano ICE is absolutely the safest method of laser hair removal for all skin types.

Soprano ICE can be used on all different types of skin. While melanin in darker skin tones is exceptionally more sensitive to heat during laser treatments, this technology had been clinically proven to be very safe on darker skin too! The SHR Method from the equipment gradually heats the skin until the required heat energy is delivered to the hair follicle.

For more information on the Soprano ICE Laser, please visit the official Soprano ICE Laser website.

Check out our laser hair removal page to find out more, or schedule in a consultation to learn more! For laser hair removal in Southampton, contact us today.

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