How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Do I Need?


Laser hair removal can be an effective solution for people who struggle with unwanted hair. After a couple of sessions of treatment, you can forget about traditional hair removal and the hassle and pain that comes with it. In this article we answer the question of how many Laser Hair Removal sessions are needed to reach your desired aesthetic.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

For the best results, the Soprano ICE treatments need at least 6 – 8 sessions for permanent hair removal. However, this can vary depending on you as everyone’s hair grows at a different rate.

Factors such as age and hormones can also affect your hair growth rate. As well as the area being treated as the size and density of hair also affects how many sessions are needed to effectively remove unwanted body hair.

Why are multiple sessions needed?

Multiple sessions of laser hair removal treatment are needed as each individual hair goes through its own growth cycle. Hair growth occurs in a cycle and the laser can only treat hair when it’s in the right cycle for treatment.

Each hair goes through a cycle:

Anagen – The growing phase where the hair is at its most active and visible above the surface of the skin. Due to this visibility, the laser works best when targeting hair within this cycle.

Catagen – The transition phase where the hair stops actively growing towards its next stage.

Telogen – The dormant stage where the hair sheds and the hair follicle becomes dormant. Before it prepares to start the cycle again with new hair growth.

Typically, at one time, only 10-25% of body hair is in the Anagen, optimal growth cycle at once. So, multiple sessions are needed to target all body hair within this growth period to get the best results.

The hair growth cycle can vary between people, but often we recommend multiple sessions spread at least 4-6 weeks apart, the typical length of a hair-growth cycle. Waiting any longer than 6 weeks can affect your results as you may miss a hair growth cycle, also coming in too soon could also affect the optimal results you could achieve.

Once the full treatment is complete, some hair will never grow back.

However, some hair may need intermittent treatment every year or so, depending on your hair regrowth. Any hair that does grow back will be finer and grow slower than before your laser treatment. These hairs can be successfully retargeted again.

To get a better understanding of how many sessions you will need, you can schedule a consultation with us at our beauty clinic in Southampton. We can assess the area you would like to be treated and recommended the right treatment plan for you.

For laser hair removal in Southampton, contact us today.

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