How Do You Prepare For Laser Hair Removal?


Here are a few things you can do to prepare for laser hair removal and thoroughly check before you go ahead with any laser hair removal treatments.

Although laser hair removal sounds like a simple “zapping” of unwanted hair, it’s actually a medical procedure that requires qualified trainees to perform to avoid any potential risks.

Before anybody gets laser hair removal done, you should always check the credentials of the doctor or technicians who are performing the procedure.

Once you’ve checked that and booked in, it’s time to prepare for the treatment. You should limit any plucking, waxing and electrolyses at least six weeks before treatment. The reason being is because the laser targets the roots, and these are temporarily removed by waxing or plucking.

You should try and avoid exposure to the sun for at least six weeks before and after the treatment as this can make the laser hair removal treatment much less effective and can cause potential complications after treatment.

You should always schedule in a consultation to determine whether laser hair removal is an appropriate treatment. You should also be aware of your medical history especially if it includes skin disorders, scarring or a past history of hair removal procedures.

During the treatment, you will wear special goggles to protect the eyes from the laser, and the instrument will be placed onto your skin.

Many people are concerned about the discomfort/pain of the procedure, however, at Ruma Medispa, we use the Soprano Ice Laser which has cooling agents to soothe the heat of the laser. This makes the treatment virtually pain free!

Find out more about our laser hair removal treatments by visiting our page, and for more information on the Soprano ICE Laser, please visit their official website.

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