Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal:


Is It Permanent?

Yes, but only after numerous sittings. For the best results of permanent hair removal, we advise between 6 – 8 sessions of laser hair removal treatment.

What Are the Risks?

The only risk that needs to be considered when having laser hair removal is the persons eyes. Both client and technician should be taking precaution whilst in the room, and wear safety goggles to the specific laser being used.

Does It Hurt?

At Ruma we use the Soprano Ice Laser. This is the most advanced piece of technology specifically made for laser hair removal treatments. It makes the procedure virtually painless, thanks to the cool laser tips which soothes the heat on the skin as the laser zaps away the hair follicles.

Do I Need to Go to a Doctor or Is It OK to Go Elsewhere?

All of the laser hair technicians at Ruma are fully qualified, professional and certified technicians. You do not need to see a doctor for laser hair removal treatments; however, we always recommend you check that the person performing the service is fully a qualified specialist.

Will It Work on My Skin Type?

Laser hair removal works across all skin types.

How Long Does It Take?

This entirely depends on which section of your body you choose to have laser hair removal done. The upper lip will of course be a lot quicker to do in comparison to both legs. To advise exactly how much time you will need to come in for, please get in touch with us regarding your laser hair removal requirements.

Where Should I Remove Hair?

Laser hair removal is completely down to personal preference. People often want it done where the hair is darker is more prominent. For the most part, clients have this procedure done because it’s a lot more convenient than shaving and waxing in the long term.

If you have any other questions, please give us a call on 02380 402 702 or drop us a message to, we’ll be happy to explain more and answer any questions you may have!

Find out more about our laser hair removal treatments and for more information on our laser hair removal machine, visit the Soprano ICE Laser website.

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