Can You Get Laser Hair Removal When Pregnant?


There’s nothing wrong with a little luxury pampering during your pregnancy, in fact, many beauty treatments are perfectly harmless. However, it’s important to feel relaxed and be safe too, so should you get laser hair removal when pregnant?

When it comes to hair removal treatments, it is not recommended that you undergo laser hair removal when pregnant. There are currently no long-term studies to provide information on the effects of this treatment on the mother or the baby. While laser hair removal is a risk-free and effective treatment, it is still best to be safe and opt for other hair removal options during pregnancy. 

Why is Laser Hair Removal Not Recommended During Pregnancy?

Although laser hair removal is completely safe, pain-free, and highly effective, many doctors advise pregnant women to avoid cosmetic laser hair removal when pregnant as a safety precaution. 

There is currently very little data on the impact of cosmetic lasers on pregnant women. The body experiences a change in hormones and reactions to treatments during pregnancy; consider holding off on laser treatments during this time.

When Can You Start Your Treatments Again?

Before picking up where you left off after your pregnancy, speak with your doctor for more clarification on when it’s safe to book a course of laser hair removal treatments. 

Typically 3-6 months is suggested to allow your body time to completely heal. But, some women may need longer than this, which is why checking with your doctor first is essential!

Safe Hair Removal Treatments When Pregnant

If you’re looking for an alternative to laser hair removal when pregnant, there are a few options to consider which can give you similar results.


Shaving is one of the most popular hair removal methods. You can do this at home as a short-term solution to unwanted hair. It doesn’t use additional products and only removes unwanted hair from the surface, it is safe for pregnant women.  


Threading is a unique and specialised method of perfecting the shape and removal of your hair around the face. By using cotton wraps, the thread winds around the hair follicles to pull from the roots. It’s known to be one of the most precise ways to remove hair.


Waxing is one of the most convenient ways of removing hair from the body, it pulls all hairs from the root, giving you a smooth and vibrant glow on your skin. This will prevent any rashes or scars from forming and will allow the hair to grow slower and finer than other removal treatments. Waxing should be patch tested before any treatment is performed. 

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