How Do I Get The Best Results From Laser Hair Removal?


A fantastic method to ditch traditional hair removal for good is laser hair removal! The combination of our experienced clinicians and state of the art equipment, The Soprano ICE laser provides you with the best results, removing unwanted hair.

There are several things we recommend you do to get the best results from laser hair removal.

Start with a consultation

We can assess the area you want treating and recommend the right treatment plan for you. As everyone has different rates of hair growth and different expectations, by attending a consultation we can tailor the laser treatment around you.

Prepare before each session

We recommend that you shave the area you’re getting treated before you attend your session. This helps the laser target your hair follicles even more. The laser hair removal works by targeting the root of the hair follicle, by shaving the root is intact and there is no hair on the surface of the skin to get in the way.

Have realistic goals

Laser hair removal does take time. With multiple sessions scheduled weeks apart, it will take a while to see your desired results. But, after each session, you will see a gradual reduction in the amount of body hair. With any re-growth being finer and slower to grow.

Once you have finished your treatment, you will see permanent hair reduction. But, you may need one or two maintenance sessions each year to maintain your results, this is due to hormones changes which can stimulate hair growth.

Also, due to the time it takes to complete treatment. We recommend the best time to receive laser hair removal is when the skin is least exposed to the sun. Often individuals start treatment in the autumn in time for their results to be completed by the summer.

Limit your sun exposure

To get the best results we recommend avoiding sun exposure to the areas you’re getting treated. We also advise applying SPF to treated areas throughout to keep your skin in its best condition.

Sun exposure skin, such as burns, or tans makes your skin more sensitive. This can affect your results as the laser can also cause sensitivity and you may have to miss sessions while your skin heals fully. We will always assess the skin before each session to ensure you get the best results.

Do not remove hair by the root

The laser works by targeting the root of the hair follicle. If you wax or pluck before or in-between treatments, there will be no root for the laser to target. So, you will have to wait longer for the root to regrow to treat it.

You can shave in between treatments, this keeps the roots intact and helps to exfoliate the skin.

Don't miss any of your treatments

We schedule appointments 4-6 weeks apart as this is the typical length of a hair-growth cycle. The laser targets hair within the anagen growth cycle, where the hair is visible on the surface. However, each hair can be at different stages at once. So, multiple sessions spread apart to give time for the laser to target every hair at the right stage of the growth cycle.

If you miss a treatment, you are missing a hair-growth cycle which can make your treatment longer and less effective. You may start seeing results after a few sessions and think you’re happy. However, all sessions need to be attended to ensure you get the best results which last for a long time too!

Interested in learning about how our Soprano laser can reduce your hair growth?

Get the best results from Laser Hair Removal with RUMA Medispa! Visit our Laser Hair Removal page or schedule in a consultation with us at our beauty clinic in Southampton. 

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