Are you looking for Laser Hair Removal in Botley?

If you’re looking for laser hair removal in Botley, then Ruma is the place for you, delivering industry-leading results with the help of our expert clinicians and state-of-the-art laser and cooling technology.

Don’t wait to transform your confidence and visit our Medispa clinic, situated in Beaufort House on Hamble Lane, SO31 8DR.

Industry-Leading Medispa

We are the leading laser clinic near Botley has to offer, delivering a variety of aesthetic procedures, specialising in laser hair removal, wrinkle-relaxing procedures, and massage therapy.

We are just a stones throw away from Tesco Extra in Bursledon, with easy access and on-site parking available!

Our world-leading facilities are just a part of what makes us the go-to destination for laser hair removal and non-surgical aesthetic treatments in our area, with a lot of hard work going into ensuring our clinic is clean, comfortable, and professional at all times.

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Soprano Titanium & Soprano ICE Laser Technology

You’ve heard us talk about why we are the best laser hair removal clinic in Botley, but we will go even further to say that we provide the best laser hair removal in Hampshire, with our implementation of Soprano Titanium & Soprano Ice laser technology.

This revolutionary equipment combines laser and cooling technology, making the laser hair removal process faster, safer, and a lot less painful than any other system on the market. 

We have an extensive range of beauty and aesthetic treatments available to book online now, or you can contact our team to book over the phone.

Our Mission

As well as investing heavily in our equipment and facilities, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that we have the best team of clinicians possible, with only experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified experts chosen to complete your procedure.

Our top priority is to ensure that you can gain the confidence and look you are looking for while ensuring that all of our procedures are completed safely and in line with all industry standards. We do not cut corners or use unregulated equipment, so you can be assured that you are in the safest and most qualified hands in the industry.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Gone are the days of annoying razor rashes and painful waxing experiences, with the introduction of our cutting-edge laser removal treatments, you can have a faster, less painful, and hassle-free hair removal experience. 

Don’t hesitate to get the look you want, and contact our clinic near *location*  today, with our team on hand to discuss any of our treatments with you further and help you choose the perfect solution for your desired aesthetic and regain your confidence.

We are the number one laser hair removal clinic in Botley but don’t just take our word for it, book online today and experience it for yourself!
Area Courses of 8 Courses of 10
Face & Neck
Chin RRP £360 NOW £180 RRP £280 NOW £225
Ears RRP £280 NOW £140 RRP £350 NOW £175
Forhead RRP £520 NOW £260 RRP £650 NOW £325
Full Beard RRP £640 NOW £320 RRP £800 NOW £400
Full Face & neck RRP £1,040 NOW £520 RRP £1,300 NOW £650
Full Face (no neck) RRP £880 NOW £440 RRP £1,100 NOW £550
Glabella RRP £280 NOW £140 RRP £350 NOW £175
Half Face & Neck RRP £880 NOW £440 RRP £1,100 NOW £550
Half face (no neck) RRP £720 NOW £360 RRP £900 NOW £450
Hands & Fingers RRP 360 NOW £180 RRP £450 NOW £225
Jawline RRP £520 NOW £260 RRP £650 NOW £325
Neck RRP £360 NOW £180 RRP £450 NOW £225
Sideburns RRP £440 NOW £220 RRP £550 NOW £275
Upper Lip RRP £360 NOW £180 RRP £450 NOW £225
Abdomen RRP £720 NOW £360 RRP £900 NOW £450
Chest RRP £720 NOW £360 RRP £900 NOW £450
Chest & Abdomen RRP £1,360 NOW £680 RRP £1,700 NOW £850
Full Arm (incl fingers and hands) RRP £880 NOW £440 RRP £1,100 NOW £550
Full Back & Shoulders RRP £1,360 NOW £680 RRP £1,700 NOW £850
Half arm (Lower or Upper) RRP £720 NOW £360 RRP £900 NOW £450
Lower back RRP £720 NOW £360 RRP £900 NOW £450
Nipples RRP £440 NOW £220 RRP £550 NOW £275
Shoulders RRP £720 NOW £360 RRP £900 NOW £450
Tummy Line RRP £ 440 NOW £220 RRP £550 NOW £275
Underarm RRP £520 NOW £260 RRP £650 NOW £325
Upper Back RRP £720 NOW £360 RRP £900 NOW £450
Intimate Areas
Bikini RRP £520 NOW £260 RRP £650 NOW £325
Brazillian RRP £720 NOW £360 RRP £900 NOW £450
Buttocks RRP £440 NOW £220 RRP £550 NOW £275
Perianal RRP £360 NOW £180 RRP £450 NOW £225
Hollywood RRP £880 NOW £440 RRP 1,100 NOW £550
Legs & Feet
Feet & Toes RRP £360 NOW £180 RRP £450 NOW £225
Full Leg (inc feet) RRP £1,360 NOW £680 RRP £1,700 NOW £850
Half leg (incl knee and feet) RRP £880 NOW £440 RRP £1,100 NOW £550
Top half of leg (excl knee) RRP £1,040 NOW £520 RRP £1,300 NOW £650

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